About Us

Mike is a Mechanical Engineer with a can-do attitude and a deep-seated desire for travel. He lived in Europe for a year, traveled S.E. Asia and South America, and has always loved food.

Jenna is a Human Resources Specialist who enjoys getting out for quality conversation and quality food. She enjoys stand-up comedy, musicals, movies and travel. Most of all she enjoys new experiences, which of course includes new and exciting food.

Our Blog

In our blog we go for dinner at a variety of restaurants in YYC (and potentially beyond) and take another couple with us who we think can provide contrasting/unique views, giving our readers a pinch of fun and a dash of variety.

We rate on a 4 point scale, assessing Value, Service, Food, and Environment. We also tried to jazz it up a bit by including a 5 emoticons with every meal to give a emotional idea of what you can except! Feel free to include your own 5 emoticons in the comments!

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!

What Makes Us So Special?

What makes us qualified to review food? Quite honestly, nothing. We are just a bunch of average joe’s trying to make their way in this crazy world… looking for a good place to eat and maybe… just maybe…. finding love in an otherwise cold world…. AND we are hoping our readers enjoy and love food as well!

What is a 5/5 and a 0/5?

Not to sound pretentious (which, ironically enough, is almost an impossibility after starting a sentence with that) but, while travelling Paris, Jenna and I stumbled upon “Terry’s” which was voted the 76th (at the time) best restaurant in Paris. For us, that would be a 5/5.

It should also be noted that, given our evaluation criteria, a restaurant could score high one day,  score low on the next trip, depending on a variety of factors.

We have never found a 0/5 thank god because we would have probably been murdered upon entry.

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