Jimmy’s A&A

3.5/5 on the Foodie Foursome Index
4.5/5 on the kebab scale

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Here it is, at long last, the first and long awaited review for our blog. We were so pleased to have our very first couple, Tyler and Mackenzie, join us for our first foodie foursome and boy oh boy was it ever magical!


Jenna’s Review: 😊😜😧😚😋
The place we chose is called Jimmy’s A & A, a petite but popular donair joint in the heart of Calgary. Not only do they sell Donair’s, they sell everything from incense to pickled radishes, to Hooka’s, to gum. In other words, they have a little something for everyone. Don’t let the outside of the building fool you, although it looks like it is about to be condemned, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in taste. I got the beef donair with all the fixings. The beef was thinly sliced and very soft and easy to chew. The groceries that they included with it were plentiful and the garlic donair sauce was enough to make it not as dry as a desert, which I particularly liked as I am a bit of a condiment connoisseur. It definitely hit the spot but I think there are some other comparable donair joints out there with some extra special ingredients that could spice it up a little.

Mike’s Review: 😀😀😋😎😯
We can only assume A&A stands for awkward and awesome. Right when you walk in your nostrils are filled with the smell of spiced meats and your eyes are quite weak from darting back and forth trying to assimilate the seemingly random displays of nick nacks, trinkets, and food items. Somehow it establishes itself with slightly silly, awkward, and cool vibe which is in large part attributed to their stellar staff. It’s not s place for the queen of England, unless she is looking for one hell of a big, and one hell of a good kebab. Both the beef and chicken options will not disappoint. If you are looking for kebab, Jimmy’s is a place that should be high on your list to try!

About our couple and their experience: Tyler is a welder and a fitness fanatic. When he is not in the gym or in the shop he can be found volunteering with the homeless. He found Jimmy’s A&A to have a similar feel to a small time New York deli, where customer service and quality come before profits and cost cutting. Between bites of his beef kebab he managed to take note of the extreme tenderness of the beef, something he found quite foreign and enjoyable in this particular kebab. Mackenzie is his boo, shorty, and confidant. She found the kebabs unique and flavourful and the dolmades reminded her of her trip to Greece (although we are not sure if that was good or bad times in Greece).


In the end we were so pre-occupied eating we neglected to take any photos of the food…. But trust us… It will look good on your Instagram! Please leave your own rating (on the emoticon index, a Foodie Foursome Index, and a kebab scale) below and any other comments!

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