The Farmer’s House, way better than “Old Mcdonald’s” E.I.E.I.O.

4.2/5 on the Foodie Foursome Index
4.0/5 on the Hip Eateries Scale
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Jenna’s Review:  🐔🐷🐮🐴🐤
As you walk along the sidewalk of Marda-Loop you come across what only looks like it could be fun and that is just what it was. The Farmer’s house was such a delightful experience as it had a great quaint home-y feeling with some great food that made me want to go back for more! The outdoor patio made me feel like I was Mary Lennox from the secret garden but with a less tragic past. They even had twinkle lights and lanterns. If that doesn’t scream magical I don’t know what does. Sufficient to say, the ambiance was wonderful. The food was also quite good. From the Charcuterie Platter to the Brie and Apple sandwich to the Flatbreads as well as the special of the day (Mac and Cheese), we enjoyed every bite and even ordered another flatbread. Of the two flatbreads the Sausage and Pepper one was to die for, but you would be in good hands with any of them. The crust was not to thick and not to thin, it is what Goldie-locks would peg as “Just-right”. This is definitely not only a place to try but a  place to come back to. Definitely giving the Farmhouse a thumbs up!
Mike’s Review: 😀😃😆🏠🙋🏻
When Jenna first told me we were going to “The Farmers House” I was excited because I haven’t been to see my friends in Airdrie for a while, but when we parked in MardaLoop I knew I was in for an evening. When walking onto the balcony it felt like walking into Narnia, I was just waiting for a faun to guide me to my table. Instead of a faun we had a fun young lady. One could make the assumption that this was her first serving job but it didn’t matter as she casually breezed through the menu and brought delicious (hot AND alcoholic) drinks to the table. She managed to make my preference for fruity, feminine drinks, masculine by putting it in a hardy mug and completely masking my masculine insecurities, and that was just the drinks! The food was the perfect combination of unique and familiar, classic recipes with a fresh farmers twist. It definitely beats the last farmhouse I visited where I sheep bit me and my dad yelled at me for refusing to brand a cow.
Matt and Joaquin’s Experience/Review:
Joaquin is known as “El Savoury Salvador”, and provides a unique Salvadorian perspective to our blog! Matt is my brother and has always fancied himself the food snob in the family from the first time he refused to eat mom’s mashed potatoes with nutmeg. It’s their first review so be gentle all our readers out there!… mostly family…
Do you like nature? do you like beverages and good food? …WHO DOESN’T! well have we got the place for you! The Farmer’s House is a quaint little bistro in the heart of trendy Marda-loop. first impressions are everything and this place hits it on the nose. you walk in to a patio bigger than the restaurant.. to a cozy feeling surrounded by green with an interior that feels like home.. because that’s what it is (a house)! the menu is all sharable and snack like. for our outing we tried a little bit of everything. cheese and meat tray, bacon mac and cheese, and our favourite menu item, the sausage and pepper flat bread followed by the chicken & pesto.. ending with sweet and light Brie melt. overall great experience, great food, great atmosphere and great company (shout out!) we will definitely go back.

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