Alloy – Us To take you on a Journey

4.4/5 on the Foodie Foursome Index
4.6/5 on the Fine Dining Scale
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Mike’s Review: 💳👔🐷🍸🆒
Alloy – Govna! Originally we were both a little nervous meeting Ken and Crystal from Instagram… being that they operate a cross fit gym… and we just had ice cream for lunch… but it was an absolute pleasure!

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Alloy” as “a substance composed of two or more metals or of a metal and a nonmetal intimately united usually by being fused together and dissolving in each other when molten”… we can only assume the visionary behind the name was going for the alternate definition of “a compound, mixture, or union of different things”, and I gotta say, a lot of different things were being compounded here.

Right when you park you think to yourself, “Hmmmm, this is likely a place for a murder or diabolical plan to occur”. When you walk in you feel like you are on the set of “Mad Men”, compounding both style, class, and a subtle hint of fear. The combinations didn’t stop there! The flavor combinations were exceptional, tuna and cantaloupe, vanilla and duck, and olives and hummus! It was a non-stop flavor explosion.

FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender[1]

Now, everything about it was high on all fronts, however, to be fair to our readers, this is very much one of those “quality over quantity” places. We did the tasting menu and it was phenomenal but the price tag was also one of the more exceptional yet. Definitely worth a try, but I want to make sure our readers know what restaurant they are getting themselves into!

Alloy would be highly suggested as a classy date or a celebration of a historic event (anniversary, bonus, or kids moving out) but I would caution inviting all your friends for your birthday party, because they may hesitate in footing the bill for you. However, for our readers seeking some of Calgary’s classiest establishments, check this 4.4 gem out!

P.S. If you are out of hand towels at your house you can easily steal some from Alloy… the paper towels in the washroom… felt like the finest silk linens from Egypt.

Jenna’s Review: ☺️🌸💅🏼🎀👗Alloy-lujah
I have to say, if you want to go for some amazing ambiance, you need to go to Alloy. It doesn’t look like much from outside but inside is an oasis of cherry blossoms with pink and white accents. It lives and breaths elegance, so much so that even if the food was terrible, it would be worth it to sit inside and enjoy the view.

Luckily, the food is very good as well. It has the hoity-toity small portion with big flavour going for it, but even so you feel very satiated at the end. We did the chef’s tasting menu (something that we are starting to really enjoy wherever it is an option) so we could have the lay of the land. My personal favourites were the tomato salad with goat cheese, the pork belly and the main of lamb. All meats were cooked to perfection, a feat rarely mastered by the best of them.

FullSizeRender[2] FullSizeRender[2]

My girlish self really loved the whole experience because I felt like the Queen of England getting served with delicate food and friendly service. A great place to go for a date night, anniversary, or just whenever you want to dress up for a night. It was a really great time and I would definitely recommend to put it on your restaurant bucket list!

Ken and Crystals’s Experience/Review: New friends and a time to reminisce

New Friends

To say that our experience meeting Mike and Jenna was a pleasure would be an understatement. While for some committing to spend a couple of hours over dinner with two complete strangers might be a bit unsettling our experience was anything but. Our conversation flowed like we knew each other from before,  while remaining new and exciting. Thanks Mike and Jenna, It could not have been a nicer evening.

IMG_6682 FullSizeRender

A time to reminisce

When Crystal and I first started dating 8 years ago, Alloy was just opening. We found ourselves enjoying Alloy’s very comfortable atmosphere and soon made it our regular date night stop. As often happens in life we began to settle into a routine and soon didn’t find ourselves dining out as often anymore. So when the opportunity came up to join Mike and Jenna we jumped at the chance to try Alloy again.


To our surprise after 8 years the ambience remains comfortable and easy to settle into. Imagine our pleasure when after being seated our server was the same gentlemen that took care of us when we first started dining at Alloy. Jorge is a real professional making it so easy to seamlessly enjoy a carefree evening.


Our foursome took advantage of putting our dining choices in the hands of Chef Jonah Joffe. This proved to be a wise choice. The amuse-bouche was our favourite of the evening. Tuna Crudo with cantaloupe and green apple vinaigrette. Such a delicate flavour combination, a classic in the making! Throughout the evening Chef wowed us with a tasting menu spanning 8 courses. The vanilla scented apple glazed duck with Israeli couscous was definitely one for the memory books.

FullSizeRender[3] FullSizeRender


While certainly not an inexpensive evening, when you add up all aspects of the experience value for dollar, this was one we will keep coming back to over and over. Sorry it took us so long to return, we won’t make that mistake again.

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