Teatro – What a Treat

4/5ย on the Foodie Foursome Index
4.4/5 on the Fine Dining Scale

Mike’s Reviewย ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿšซ๐ŸŽ“๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽฉ

Since Jenna and I started dating I have heard stories of Teatros, the grace of the serving staff, and luxury of the ambiance, and she sheer euphoria inducing food. Every meal we went on, every pho, every McDonald’s burger, I could see a faint glimmer in her eye comparing it to Teatros, and finally, I took her there….

I could immediately understand why it is a staple of Calgary culture, not a place I would want to frequent in sweat pants but still the staff was pleasant and polite despite my Wal*Mart cardigan I had on for the evening.

Once again, this is a place that favours Quality over Quantity so be mentally prepared for that. But, portion size aside the flavours were bright and unique. We had a new waitress so she didn’t have the menu quite memorized yet… Or the drinks… Or what the specials were… Or even where our table was seated at times…. But she was one of the nicest people I have ever met! Very kind with a smile on her face so we pardoned some of these dining faux pas.

Overall, being a small town boy living in the big city, I would frequent this place rarely for special events but I do hear they have a killer lunch menu!

Jenna’s Review ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿธ

Teatro’s is one of my favourite places because of it’s classy interior, beautiful high ceilings, and amazing food. When you step in you feel like royalty as they take your coat and escort you to a table. You also kind of feel like you are going into Gringott’s bank in Diagon Alley, which if you like HP as much as I do, is always a treat. It is an awesome place to go if you are heading to a show at the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts as it’s honestly a two minute walk away and would make for a very cultured night out.

We went when there was an event being held so there was only a set menu to pick from. It was still very good, but going when you have a full pick of the menu would be best. I had the tuna tatar to start, the risotto for my main and the creme brรปlรฉe for dessert. I would definitely get the risotto again as it was quite nicely seasoned, the other two dishes to me were fairly standard.

One thing that we discovered is a must try is getting a fall inspired cocktail. Apparently you can ask to get an inspired cocktail for any season and the bartender will whip you up something nice. Good for all our fellow risk takers out there. I found that they were a bit too smokey for my liking but I seemed to be the only one, so 3/4 would recommend it!

You gotta come to this place at least once, if not just because, do it for a special occasion because it is the type of place that fits the bill for that sort of thing.

Matt & Eva’s Review

I’ve gone to Teatro a couple times for their express lunches which change weekly. They’re good value because you get three courses and are usually in and out within an hour. It just might be the best quality lunch you could have for $25!

The tuna starter was very fresh. I tried some of Matt’s beef (tartar?) which had a nice sauce. I had short rib as my main, the meat was tender and the flavor of the vegetable sides were a nice compliment. I was a bit thrown off by the (cilantro or parsley?) sauce on the short rib though. Jenna shared her risotto and I would go back just for that, and for dessert, the creme brulee. They added some unique spices and came with a side of cookies which really made this classic dessert stand out. I wanted to try Matt’s tiramisu but he ate it all and didn’t share with anyone, it was THAT good.

We requested the bartender to come up with some fall inspired cocktails with white spirits for our nightcap. He explained to us it would have to be a dark spirit in order to truly be a fall flavour, and no, there is nothing pumpkin. We trust him. He came up with two drinks, one with a warm flavour and a little sweet, the other was spicy and fruity. Both were a nice end to our meal.

Overall the service is good and the portions are just right. This place is known to cater to the crowd next door who see the orchestra but don’t be afraid to come in to experience the restaurant for yourself.

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