Inti – Canada’s Peruvian Embassy

4.2/5 Foodie Foursome Index
4.6/5 on the Ethnic Scale

Mike’s Review:

While travelling the desert dunes and Machu Piccu peaks of Peru, the locals would tell legend of a pair that made it to Canada, Calgary specifically, and started a restaurant that didn’t compromise the Peruvian taste for the rough and tumble locals. At the time I thought it was just a myth to get me to buy the 90 sol 100% Alpaca poncho and matching hat… But when I walked into Inti… I knew I had found the legend the Mayans had wrote songs about.



From the Yuka, to the refreshing Inka Cola, this place was not a Peruvian Restaurant in Canada, it was the Official Peruvian Embassy in Canada! And its address had the postal code “H1D G3M”. Everything brought back James and I’s trip to Peru. The deserts were even made with imported Cusco chocolate, which the restaurant owner assures us (somewhat biased) is home of the best chocolate in the world. At $25/person for the buffet the value was there, and the cerviche has been some of the most authentic we have found inland yet!



A word to the wise, it took James and I two weeks to realize in Peru they do not bring you your bill, it is seen as rude to rush you out, and of course Inti follows the same customs so you must go up to pay your bill.

Jenna’s Review:

Inti was like the Peru trip Mike never invited me on. I saw llamas, enjoyed some traditional Chicha Morada, and tasted all the flavours of Peru (except Guinea pig which I was happy to miss). The restaurant is smaller so it has a nice atmosphere and isn’t too noisy. I really enjoyed the Peruvian decor with the fun facts about Peru on every table and neat trinkets on the walls. I am not the expert but Mike and James assured us it was just like Peru, a topic that re-occurred throughout the evening #memoriesofmikeandjamesdoperu.


One lady who I can only assume was the owner was an absolute delight! She was a great server, host, and by the end of the evening, friend. She kept calling us things like darling and I felt darling. She recommended the buffet as you get a large variety and a bang for your buck for $25 and all-you-can eat. It was a great recommendation and I would also encourage you to do the buffet if it’s your first time there so you can try a bunch of the neat Peruvian dishes.

Some of my personal favourites was the seafood ceviche, the chicken stew, the yuka, and the rice pudding. It was a really nice change of pace from other restaurants we have been to lately and I would love to go again someday. So to end in the word’s of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”.

Jame’s and Kayla’s Review:

Based on the location, you wouldn’t expect such a great restaurant nearby (kind of an industrial area). It has a very modern look with a mural of a camel, complete with Peruvian decor. The service was closer to a Peruvian mom serving dishes from her kitchen than your typical waitress.

You should start your meal with either an Inca Ko(a bubblegum type soda) or Chicha (a spiced purple corn drink), both authentic peruvian beverages. We chose to go with the buffet versus a-la-carte as close to half of the items on the menu were included within it. Try to sick with the authentic Peruvian dishes. The Huachachina Potatoes, Shrimp Cerviche & Rotisserie Chicken were among our favorites.

Overall, it felt like we walked out of a construction yard right into the heart of Cuzco. The price was $25 a head for the buffet, which was very fair for the variety and the amount of food we enjoyed.


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