The Weiner Schnitzel Haus – A Meaty Treat

4.1/5 Foodie Foursome Index

Food: 4.3
Service: 4.5
Value: 3.8
Overall: 4.1

4.0/5 on the German Scale

Mike’s Review: 😎👴🏻👵🏻🍘🇩🇪

I’m going to start this review different for a change, honestly, and say that it turns out I actually had no idea what wiener schnitzel was!


I lived in Northern Switzerland for a year and got my weekly groceries in Germany and still I was under the impression that it was a type of sausage…. So when a large, clearly beaten and battered, steak sized chicken came out in front of me I had to play it cool with the waitress as I said “oh yes… My Wiener schnitzel… has arrived and looks as expected”

I liked this place, I liked the sound of German being spoken around me, and I liked being able to say “danke” to the waitress in my terrible accent, but most of all… As always… I liked the company!


The appetizers were fantastically memorable, some mac n cheese and fresh pretzels, they were delicious! As far as the mains go they tasted, from the consensus of the table, as a wiener schnitzel should, and I guess that is all anyone can ask for. I think I may just prefer my food on the little more saucy side, perhaps as a result of my Dutch roots I feel compelled to put mayo on everything. If you are German, or like German food, or want to practice German, or want to try German food, this is a good place to do it!

Overall I think we will end up going back as Jenna really enjoyed this place and there were some additionals on the menu I wanted to try!

Jenna’s Review: 😀😁😄🙃😍

I just want to start off by saying, don’t believe Mike, don’t even read his review. However, if you got to my review you probably already read it but don’t believe him.

I totally loved the Weiner Haus. Ever since my trip to Europe I was intent on trying Weiner Schnitzel and quite honestly, the schnitzel I had here was BETTER than the schnitzel I had in Vienna. But let’s rewind.


The Weiner Haus doesn’t look like much, it’s a quaint little place that almost feels like a house instead of a restaurant, but it also makes you feel more at home than a restaurant would. The carpeted floors made it was very warm and inviting, like a favourite grandparents place. I also really liked all the plates and dishes that they had. They were very authentic and fit the theme nicely.

Now the food was insanely good. For drinks we enjoyed a smooth Stiegl Radler, which is light, fruity, and crisp. To start off we had the Mac and Cheese, which is one of their most popular menu items, as well as the pretzel and smear. Both were great but the pretzel stole my heart, I mean the smear was smashing!


Now the main course was a whole lotta delicious. I got the Alpen Schnitzel which was filled with air dried bacon, emmental cheese, and fresh mushrooms (wow). The schnitzel was breaded to perfection, not too much breading, not to little. Crispy but subtle and with a squeeze of lemon it was the flavour plethora your mouth has been asking for. To add to that it came with the best darn fries I have had in a long time. The fries were perfectly salted and cooked. I like my fries on the less crispy side and I was a big fan.


We couldn’t manage to eat dessert to but I am sure it would have measured up to the rest of the meal, and the great company we had! I am just grateful Jackie and Morgan showed us the place, and if I have to go back without my beloved Mike, I have to do what I have to do.

Jackie & Morgan’s Review:


In the interest of full disclosure, we love the Wiener Schnitzel Haus and have been eating here semi-regularly for the past few years. We each get the same thing every time and it’s consistently good. We really appreciate the overall feel of the restaurant, which is unpretentious and comfortable. Like a flight to Palm Springs, where the majority of the passengers are eligible for pre-boarding, the average age of the patrons trends towards the “early bird special” crowd; as old souls ourselves, we feel right at home!


This was our first time eating here on a Tuesday night and we were surprised it wasn’t busy. On Friday and Saturday nights, the dozen or so tables are full and a reservation is highly recommended. However, on this Tuesday night, we had the place to ourselves after 7:30. Combined with the wonderful, attentive service, it made for the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a great double date with Jenna and Mike. (Speaking of which, we can’t wait to attend a games night!)

We started with the Austrian Mac and Cheese, which is perhaps the signature non-schnitzel item on the menu. Loaded with spätzle, Emmentaler cheese, bacon, onions and chives, we find it to be a perfectly satisfying comfort food. It can be a little greasy, but that’s not really a surprise when two of the main ingredients are bacon and cheese. The other appetizer we ordered – and a new one to us – was the Pretzel with house made Schmier. This one was met with mixed reviews. Jackie was a big fan, but Morgan was less enthusiastic. Since we usually just get one appetizer, we would likely stick to the mac and cheese. Another starter option (or a worthwhile side to your main) is the fries, which Morgan considers to be among the best in the city.


For the main course, Jackie got the classic Wiener Schnitzel. It was exactly what she’s come to expect: a large plate of pounded out meat, breaded and fried to perfection. It comes with a lemon wedge on the side. According to a friend of ours living in Austria, the best way to order schnitzel is with a side of cranberry sauce, but Jackie’s never put that to the test and, for now, the lemon slice does the trick. This dish also comes with mixed Austrian salads – typically a potato salad, a lightly pickled and seasoned cucumber salad and a cabbage salad. Jackie finds the salads really flavorful and is always wishing the portion was a little bigger.


As usual, Morgan went with the Zigeuner Schnitzel for his main. Unlike a classic breaded schnitzel, this is one of the non-breaded “grilled” options on the menu. Coated in a rich bell pepper sauce, the Zigeuner Schnitzel delivers just the right amount of spice. The Zigeuner Schnitzel comes with a side of fries or spätzle and you can’t go wrong either way. The restaurant’s previous menu states that the Zigeuner Schnitzel is made “gypsy style”. The first time we tried this dish, we’d been watching a season of Food Network Star where one contestant made everything he was challenged to do “pie style” (did anyone else see this show?) so the “gypsy style” description has always felt funny and familiar.


Bottom Line: The Wiener Schntizel Haus is an especially appealing option if you live in the NW (Montgomery being not all that central) and don’t mind a quieter restaurant catering to an older crowd. For us, the vibe is just right. It’s comfortable and homey and the chill, crooner type music doesn’t drown out your conversation. The biggest downside is the price. For a restaurant in the suburbs, $14 for a 240ml Le Creuset dish of mac and cheese is expensive. Even without drinks, you can expect to spend $60+ on a dinner for two. For us though, the food, service, and overall feel of the restaurant make the price worth it and will keep us coming back!

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