Guess Who’s Back, Back Bacon

We know and we are sorry. It has been a while since our last post and although we have not been posting, we promise you we have not stopped eating.

You may have found yourself wondering, where have they been? Well, let us fill you in. Jenna decided she was going to try to be an HR legend by obtaining her CPHR (Certified Professional Human Resources) designation . For those who do not know, the first step to getting a CPHR is taking a test that requires about 6 months of studying. She started this endeavor in March 2016 which led to a lot of study sessions at home rather than awesome dinners out.

Mike in turn decided to earn his stripes in Engineering by going up north to a little place called Red Earth to do a 3 month field rotation in July 2016.  That 3 month rotation turned into a 6 month rotation and ended up going until December 2016. Between all that and life as we know it, our poor blog ended up neglected. But fear not our 12 blog followers (hi mom and dad!) We are back and hungrier than ever.

The plan is to start back up and post some of the places we have tried in the last year on our site and our Instagram. We will also be doing some ad-hoc posts as we try new places. We are super excited to be starting up the blog again and looking forward to meeting more couples in the process!

Jenna and Mike
A Couple of Slackers