Blue Star Diner – the classy B.S.D

3.7/5 on the Foodie Foursome Scale

3.5/5 on the Hip Eatery Scale 

Mike’s Review:🐏💸🍷👯👫

Blue Star Diner, Purple Peak, Yellow Door, Red’s Diner, Green Chili. What do all these places have in common other than making Calgary one of the most prideful cities in Canada? They all left me wanting something more. More taste, more service, more food, more hash browns and more toilet paper respectively.


Focusing on Blue Star, the evening started with the excited anticipation of meeting our fellow bloggers, friends, and dare we say “siblings”, the Sangria Sisters. To say we were hungry was an understatement, and to say the restaurant was full was an overstatement. We walked in to join the two other people in the venue and awaited our counterparts.

The restaurant was hip in the way that all too many are nowadays. However, it differentiated itself by the fact that our waitress didn’t have a beard. It felt cozy and warm, and would make a good quiet place for a first date with somebody you actually have plans to talk to.

I was excited for Blue Star food. From what I heard it was a “must-try” in Bridgeland, if nothing else for the fries. I must admit that their lamb burger tasted a bit blaaaaaaaaahhhhhnnnd. Maybe it was all the hype, or maybe it is all the adventurous blogging, but it just didn’t feel all that special.


At $45 per person (total including tip), I found it hard to find the value in this seek and find-esq atmosphere. But that being said the service was phenomenal and the company was divine.

It should also be noted that this is one of the largest discrepancies between couples ratings on a restaurant we have ever had. Jenna and I giving Blue Star a 3.1 and the Sangria Sisters giving Blue Star a 4.3. Maybe I am just an angry drunk whereas they are happier.

Jenna’s Review:🌟🍔😒🍽💙

It was a real treat to go out with the two Sangria Sisters for our first review together! If you are wondering, “Are they as much fun as they are in their blog?”, the answer would be absolutely! We went to BSD, and I don’t mean Bermuda Shorts Day. Blue Star Diner is a petite little place with a modern feel and fun menu. Their wall of wine was also quite appealing.


We let the sisters pick out a nice white wine for our dinner and they did not disappoint. The Sauvignon Blanc was really nice, light, and had a great fruity aftertaste. We also shared some guacamole which may have honestly been my favourite part of the meal. It was perfectly salted, light and almost fluffy, with feta if you can believe it! The homemade, perfectly salted tortilla chips were a perfect match as well. Basically, if you go, get that, unless you are deathly allergic to avacado’s, then I’ll understand if you pass.

As a Dairy Lane lover I was excited to see what they had in store for dinner. There was such a great selection it was hard to choose, but I ended up going with their lamb burger. Again, their fries were perfectly salted, the ratio was just on point, they really know what they are doing. The burger itself was a bit dry and tasteless for me. I have a major obsession with the lamb burger at Thompson’s and I just don’t know if any other burger will ever be enough. So I just pictured the Thompson’s burger while I was with the BSD burger, it had to be done.


For dessert, me and Laurie took the lead and ordered the salted caramel pumpkin cheesecake and the gingerbread cake with eggnog ice cream. If I am being honest, and I always am, neither were particularly life altering. I would say the gingerbread cake was better but really, both were just a piece of cake if you know what I mean.


Overall, the night was fun ,the food was okay and I think if I went back it would be to try their breakfast which I have heard nothing but raving reviews for. Until next time Blue Star.

Sangria Sisters Review:



In our rush to meet Mike and Jenna, we blew right past the Blue Star Diner…twice. The restaurant is unassuming from the outside, but quaint and cozy on the inside. Just like a diner should be. Located in the heart of Bridgeland, it was a perfect spot to meet up with A Couple Of Couples for our very first review.


We’ll start with the wine, because that’s what kind of girls we are. We enjoyed a bottle of Blue Mountain Sauvignon Blanc from the Okanogan. It was fruity and sweet, just like us. The guacamole was embellished with feta cheese and smoked paprika pumpkin seeds, and served with homemade corn chips. It was absolutely delicious!


Val’s Review:

After a debaucherous holiday season, I was in the mood for a lighter dish. I ordered the Pollo Maco, aka chicken taco. The chipotle chicken breast was nicely seasoned. Large wedges of avocado added to the freshness. As a cheese lover, I would have liked more queso fresco cheese to feed my addiction. The meal would have been more flavourful if it came with a side dish of salsa verde for dipping. The salad was crisp and sweet, although a tad overdressed.


Lori’s Review:

The Blue Star Diner is renowned for its burgers, so when in Rome… I ordered the Dairy Lane burger sans pickled onions, and added peppered gouda cheese. To differ from Mike and Jenna, I chose the yam fries. The crunchy sweetness worked in harmony with the coarse salt flakes. The burger was cooked to perfection. Crispy on the edges while remaining juicy throughout. It’s a good sized patty but I managed to power through, leaving some fries for the table. I might be biased ‘cause I skipped lunch and was getting hangry, but my meal did the job and went the extra mile.


Dessert was warmed gingerbread cake with eggnog ice cream, and a salted caramel pumpkin cheesecake. The cheesecake was more like a mousse, which threw Jenna and Lori off. Mike thought he was doing us a favour by scooping off the salted caramel topping, but when heard our audible gasps, he plopped it back on. Val was the only one who didn’t want dessert, and the only one who liked them both.


The server was pleasant and checked in often, as we were so busy chatting it took us over an hour to order. Our portion of the bill came to $36 each, without gratuity. Not too shabby for an excellent evening out. Thanks to Mike and Jenna for initiating an instant friendship!

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