Whitehall – we wish we could have enjoyed it with Steven Avery #FreeAvery

4.2/5 Foodie Foursome Index

3.8/5 on the hip eateries scale

Mike’s Review:

When Jess asked us to pick the restaurant from the pre-approved list… Whitehall caught my eye. Something about the “Modern British” paradox was delightfully enticing to me and my British roots.


The service was absolutely impeccable! we have entered many restaurants in YYC our blogging journey, and I must admit I have gotten accustomed, and event enjoy, the scoffs and judgemental tones from the high class diners as we enter restaurants in our polos and joe fresh shoes, however Whitehall does the impossible…. Treats all their patrons equally, something becoming increasingly more rare in this city. The politeness and customer service was not unnoticed!


The food also hit the spot, anything with cheese or meat in this place and you cannot go wrong. My average pallet was taken on an above average journey through old classics with a modern twist. My pork was delightful and, having tried Jenna’s duck, it was equally tender and delicious.


My favourite part of the evening was when we were discussing “Making a Murderer” and as our waiter was dropping off the entres he just whispered “Free Avery”.

Overall the atmosphere and service set the restaurant apart in my mind and it makes a lovely little edition to the Bridgland food scene!

Jenna’s Review:

Whitehall was something else. It certainly was white, the whole interior was bright, clean and crisp. I will admit it’s one of the fancier restaurants that we have visited in a while, and I felt quite ritzy being there.


It had a small but tasteful menu which I appreciate since I I am small and tasteful. Our dinner companions were great sports and joined us in ordering three appetizers. Together we enjoyed the cheese soufflĂ©, the elk tartare, and my personal favorite of the pate. For dinner I enjoyed the duck which was surprisingly tender and surprisingly flavourless. It came with a side of marmalade potatoes and honestly the potatoes were better than the duck in my personal opinion. I think I wasn’t anticipating it to have such a fatty texture but I believe that is the way it was meant to be served so don’t take my word for it.


For desserts Mike and I shared the cheesecake and Jess and Scott share the ice Wine cake. Just and Scott were the winners as their dessert reigned supreme, ours quite literally was cheesecake, it tasted like full cheese. Overall I liked everything except the main course and if I would have picked the face wine cake I would’ve been happier. Our server however was excellent, he really made it a great experience. He was knowledgeable about the menu, attentive, friendly, and entertaining. The ambience was really great too. It felt very elegant whilst homey and it wasn’t too loud.


Regardless of the restaurant our company was phenomenal and we had a great time and shared some good laughs. It was a real pleasure getting to meet Jess and Scott and if you have some time check out her blog cooking in my genes!

Scott and Jess’ Review:


My husband Scott and I had briefly met Mike & Jenna at one of their Games Nights


BUT we were really looking forward to enjoying a meal together!


We walked into Whitehall and were immediately impressed by the bright space and lovely decor. We spent time chatting and mulling over the menu, all while enjoying the lovely ‘cheese biscuits’ which were presented in this sweet, little vintage biscuit tin to our table. To start we shared a couple of the appetizers, trying the Bison Tartar, Cheese Souffle & the Pate. The Cheese Souffle was light, perfect cheese flavour and pure cheesy-goodness, it was my personal favourite. The Pate was super smooth and full of flavour, which we spread onto lightly toasted brioche bread. Next, we enjoyed our main courses – Scott had the Duck (as did Jenna) and I tried the Cod. The Duck was very well-prepared, it was extremely tender and the marmalade potatoes were the perfect accompaniment. My plate was a perfectly cooked piece of Cod over a bed of carrots with curry sauce – it was divine and the cozy flavours of the curry paired beautifully with the Cod.



Our last course was dessert (of COURSE!) where Mike/Jenna shared the ‘cheesecake’ and Scott and I tried the ‘ice wine.’ All of us tried (and agreed) that the ‘ice wine’ dessert was a real winner – a lovely sponge cake, accompanied by honey ice cream and the showcase about this dessert what I like to call the ‘ice wine snow.’ It was like they turned ice wine into snow crystals – UNREAL. And to top off dessert, our server brought us a few house-made chocolate to go with our coffee. The chocolates were melt-in-your mouth and so delightful that we tried to bribe our server for more.


Overall, the service was excellent and we had a real blast with Mike and Jenna, sharing a lot of laughs and stories. Whitehall delivered huge on atmosphere which rounded out the evening and we look forward to round two with Mike & Jenna!


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