Cassis – Pepé Le Pew would be proud

4.8/5 Foodie Foursome Index

4.8/5 on the French scale

Mike’s Review: 💏💏🎩🐮🐷

Where does one begin on Cassis? The fact that the owner is buzzing around taking orders? The pristine placement of products on the table from the French market next door? The heightened ambiance attributed primarily to the foreign films playing on the white wash wall? Or, like we start on most of our reviews, with appetizers.


Everything from Cassis hit the spot! It is rare to find a place of such high class and quality food that I am still comfortable wearing my LuLu Lemon hoodie in. The service staff clearly knew their stuff, but rather than scoffing at our tables lack of French cuisine knowledge (not uncommon in the Calgary food scene) they guided us through the menu and explained it to us as if we were “les enfants”, which… Judging by the fact that I was playing the drums with my cutlery, was an accurate assumption.


The food… The food… THE FOOD! Everything was amazing, once the owner helped explain how to eat it properly, and their home made bread alone was worth the trip.


Since starting our blogging journey we have visited many places, but Cassis has earned its spot among places we will return to.


Jenna’s Review: 🗼⚜🇫🇷👀😶

Cassis was the perfect thing after going to Parc. It made me believe in the French again! But honestly, I loved Cassis from the moment I stepped in. It is a smaller place so it feels more intimate and quiet. It also had an old fashion black and white movie playing in the background which I found super neat and unique.


Then there was the food. The menu was one page which I enjoy because I don’t like analysis paralysis trying to figure out what to eat. I got a Panache to drink which is Kronenburg beer mixed with lemonade. It was heavenly, it tastes like summer, like the summer of 69′. We chose three amazing appetizers including the beef tartar with egg yolk, capers, and homemade chips to scoop it up, the pork rillettes with mustard, pickles and bread, and the mind blowing ravioli. I think I speak for all the couples when I say the ravioli was phenomenal and one of the best things at Cassis. I don’t know what they put in it but they nailed it. We kept getting bread just to slurp up the sauce, like animals.


For my main meal I had the beef stew (Daube Provençale) and it was lovely. At first the waiter said, “Its a large portion, it will really fill you up” and I thought to myself “He doesn’t know me at all”, but the richness with the beef and gnocchi and gravy and roasted vegetables as well as the deep flavour of the dish made it quite filling! I must commend him! Speaking of the service, we had a great waitress who was very attentive and another man (who we think was one of the owners) who made time to come to talk to our table and see how our experience was, which I found memorable and enjoyable.

Now despite the filling meal I still made room for the two amazing desserts we ordered. There was the praline cream puff (Paris-Brest) and the pineapple cake trio (Trio à l’ananas) both which were to die for. But out of the two I would recommend the praline cream puff. As well, we got to try some incredible Ice Wine courtesy of the gentlemen that talked with us which was the perfect match. Me and Cat Lin loved it so much we took a picture so we could buy it from their little market beside them when we came next (it was closed by the time we left, but it looked so fun!).


Overall, I loved everything. the food, the company, the atmosphere and the service. So in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”.

Kev and Cathy’s Review:


Different from other French restaurants in the city, Cassis Bistro has a very homey, welcoming ambiance, serving up some of the most classic French dishes. The owner and servers were extremely friendly and helpful assisting us in selecting our meal of the evening. The dish that completely blew our minds was the ravioli, which was accentuated by the housemade spicy tomato coulis.


The pork rillettes was an interesting introductory dish to French cuisine that paired nicely with baguette and grainy mustard, but tasted a little too greasy after a few bites. The beef tartare was wonderfully moist when mixed together with the yolk, but taste-wise, it was outshone by the ravioli. For the entrée, I loved my daube provencale, in which the beef was stewed to absolutely softness in red wine together with the chewy gnocchi. Kev enjoyed his steak frites which came in a hearty portion. The medium-rare beef was sliced in thin pieces and topped with light herby dressing to enhance the flavor of the meat. For dessert, we both preferred the paris-brest over trio a l’ananas. The pastry was so fresh, light and crispy – went perfectly well with heavenly smooth and creamy hazelnut cream.


There’s nothing wrong with the pineapple dessert – it makes a refreshingly fruity summer treat, but the paris-brest just left us wanting more!




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