Burger 320 – The Land of Plenty

3.6/5 Foodie Foursome Index

Ambiance: 3.0
Service: 3.0
Food: 5.0
Value: 3.5

Jenna’s Review:

Mike and I had heard about this place for a while and decided to finally go and check it out. I am happy to announce that we found a burger contender in Calgary that almost matches my love for Eddie’s Burger Bar in Banff! Burger 320 was a wonderful place to go not only if you want to get your burger and fries on, but also if you are interested in some gelato milkshake action.


The inside is quaint and casual. It is an order at the counter and sit yourself type of place so there wasn’t a huge element of service or ambiance as it is was just a couple rows of high tables to sit at while you eat your meal.


As soon as we saw the menu virtually all of us decided to try the “Wickens” burger which is their signature burger named after the grandfather of the owners. It is all the great things you expect in a burger with a special “BBQ rhubarb onion chutney” to top it all off. If that wasn’t already delicious enough, they actually make their buns in house which means they were fresh, soft, and really complimented the burger.


We also had to try one of the tasty looking poutines and we decided on the “Truffle” poutine. Now I don’t love mushrooms but even I quite liked the poutine with the fried mushrooms, truffle oil, cheese and perfectly cooked fries. To wash it all down I enjoyed a Blonde Ale from Village Brewery which is always good.


I was definitely impressed with the food at Burger 320 and would definitely go back and eat more because it is currently one of my tops for burger places in Calgary and I would highly recommend it!

Mike’s Review:

It has been quite the roller coaster of a year so far… trump got elected, the economy is up and down, and worst of all I’ve had a hang nail that’s been driving me crazy for over a week…

B3205   B3207
So it is nice to know, while the world is being thrown into the midst of turmoil, one can still get a “Wicked” burger in Kensington. The burgers at this place really speak for themselves, and for a burger joint that is the most important thing. I thoroughly enjoyed biting into this behemoth of a patty and found the fact that they burnt “320” into the bun absolutely amazing (it’s the little things that get me!).
As always, any place in Kensington is top notch because A) it has to be to survive and B) regardless of the food you can always walk the cool streets to make the evening a 5/5!
I would suggest Burger 320 to anyone looking to show some visiting friends a little more desirable destination than Peters (I know! I know! Calgary blasphemy!). At least in Kensington you can show them some shops after instead of the TransCanada highway… although it is a nice highway…
To recap…
Always a treat, to go out and eat, in a place with good beef, and walk Kensington by feet!
Kade & Kelsey (K&K):
It is always amazing to go out with these two! K&K agreed that the burgers were a top pick for Calgary and that they just may need to go back for more!

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