Culinary Race – One Race to Rule Them All

5/5 Foodie Fun Index


Do you like food? Do you like fun? What about discovering new places to have both food and fun? Then do we have the event for you! Take one dash of adventure, a sprinkle of discovery and a pinch of competition and you have yourself the Calgary Culinary Race, proof that Calgary’s food scene is not only beginning to rival, but surpass, those of other cities.

This was our second year participating in the Culinary Race and just like last year, we had an absolute blast and discovered many new restaurants with many new tastes to experience throughout the year. We also met a myriad of local bloggers who made the event as social as it was tasty.

The Culinary Race is a full day event from 8:30 AM – 5 PM where you and some of your foodie friends team up (and dress up if you so choose) to de-code a series of clue’s and figure out your various destinations for the day. Then it is a full on scavenger hunt racing around the city to check in at those locations. Each place you visit requires you to complete some sort of task, but it usually involves food and some places even offer freebies. We did pretty good this year with a total of 81 points. All the teams and their points can be seen on the Culinary Race website here.

Some of our favourite things about the Culinary Race is that we get meet awesome people and we also get to discover neat new places to try out for the rest of the year.

It was also the first year we started using Toutl, it is a new app that allows you to tag conversations and posts directly to a location. All the locations we found from Culinary Race are now in Toutl and we would love to share our Foodie Map with you! If you are interested in downloading the app just search “Toutl” on the iOS App Store (unfortunately not on Android yet). It was great to remember where we went for this post! 😛 It was really neat spotting some other Calgary Food Blogger’s on there already!


Below were some of our favourite stops from the race.

Yann Haute Patisserie

This awesome little house has a cool history and also has amazing desserts, including some delectable macaroons. We have already been back to this one since the race and likely will be going again soon.

CR9  CR10  CR11

Hexagon Cafe

Really great little board game café in the heart of Kensington we will definitely have to come back and try! We played/learned some games and had a blast in the 5 minutes we were there! This is a must on our next date night!

Fit Kitchen

Finally! A place for the remarkably lazy couple (like us) to grab some cheap, healthy meals to go! Everything looked so delicious and healthy too! With meals ranging in price we were glad we ran into this place! Well worth the trip south!

The Cured Delicatessen

Not only is this fill of delicious goodies, their social media game is HILARIOUS. Had a lot of fun talking with these guys and participating in their sausage making competition! Next time we are planning a charcuterie this will be first on our list to visit!

Of course there were so many incredibly cool places that we can’t name them all! But these 3 were our top discoveries of the race! For an entire list of participating venues check out Toutl or The Culinary Race Website!

We had an absolute blast and hope to be racing with you next year!

Mike & Jenna


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